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Ameriway Financial Services, Inc. - Voorhees, NJ

707 White Horse Rd., Suite C101, Voorhees, NJ 08043


Our Investment Philosophy

It has been our experience that investment success is usually achieved through an unwavering commitment to a set of clearly defined investment principles. Collectively, the following principles define our investment philosophy:

  • Today’s investment climate is infinitely complex. Investors should seek independent, unbiased, professional advice.

  • A written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) acts as a financial “blueprint” and helps to keep your attention focused on the true objectives of the portfolio, especially during periods of high uncertainty.

  • Tax efficiency optimizes long-term investment results. It’s not what you earn that matters – it’s what you keep!

  • Never speculate or buy on tips. Remember, market timing is not an investment strategy.

  • Use asset allocation and diversification to manage risk while seeking to maximize return.

  • Always seek portfolio management advice on a fee basis. This will eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

Investors should view portfolio management as only one aspect of personal financial planning, not the sole aspect.